Narcea is one of the 8 comarcas or administrative regions of Asturias. It is divided into 5 municipalities. From north to south: Tineo, Allande, Cangas del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias. The Camino Primitivo, one of the routes to Santiago de Compostela, leads through the northern part of Narcea. Pilgrims can rest and recharge in the towns of Tineo and Pola de Allande, both start- and endpoints on the road to Santiago. In the south you find Natural Park Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias. One of the less well-known natural areas of Asturias, but worth a visit. Especially since you can meet one of Asturias’ most famous inhabitants, the brown bear, here. Muniellos Biosphere Reserve is part of the natural park. Only 20 visitors a day can enter this pristine forest, making it a unique experience.

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Northern Spain beckons cyclists with its rugged landscapes, rich culture, and delectable gastronomy. Whether you’re an e-biking enthusiast, a speed-loving road cyclist, or a mountain biking daredevil, this region has something extraordinary to offer.

Road Biking

Road cyclists can explore the northern coastline of Spain, or choose to dive into the impressive mountains of the Cantabrian Mountain Range, including the Picos de Europa. The coastal track starts near the French border. As you pedal through San Sebastian and past Bilbao, you’ll be treated to breathtaking seascapes, plunging cliffs, and forested hills. Quiet coastal roads wind alongside wide, empty beaches, providing the perfect canvas for road biking. When opting for the mountains, you have the chance to reach several peaks from the Vuelta

E-Biking Adventures

Embrace the ease of e-biking as you explore the coastal towns and villages. The rolling hills and dramatic vistas become even more accessible with electric assistance. You can stop by charming fishing villages, where Michelin-starred restaurants serve up exquisite seafood platters and locally made cider or txakoli.

Mountain Biking Thrills

The northern coastal regions—Euskadi, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia—are a playground for mountain bikers. Untamed landscapes, steep valleys, and rocky rivers await. Pedal through stunning natural mountain reserves, where salmon-filled streams flow and quiet roads invite exploration.

In this captivating corner of Spain, cycling isn’t just a mode of transportation. It is an invitation to immerse yourself in history, culture, and the sheer joy of the ride.

Our biking trips and tours let you discover all these aspects of the North of Spain. Select one of the trips or tours listed below, or let us make a customized proposal to ride into Asturias with us!

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Are you familiar with the Camino de Santiago, but would you rather cycle than walk? This e-bike trip offers you...

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Camino de Santiago

Did you know that the Camino de Santiago also leads through Asturias? The most famous St. James Way is the ‘French route’. However, there are also routes that actually start, and lead through, northern Spain.

The Camino Primitivo, aka ´the original road´, starts in Oviedo, the capital of Asturias. It is 312 km long and leads through inland Asturias and Galicia. On foot, you can finalize this Camino in 13 days. By e-bike, it takes you around 5-6 days.

The Camino del Norte, or Camino de la Costa, starts just at the border between France and Spain. From there, pilgrims walk along the Cantabrian coast across the regions Basque Country, Cantabria, and Asturias. At the border between Asturias and Galicia, you leave the coast and continue inland to Santiago de Compostela. In total, the northern Camino is 825 km in length, which takes you around a month by foot.

The third Camino leading through Northern Spain is the Camino del Salvador, from Leon to Oviedo, measuring 120 km in total and crossing the mountain range dividing the regions Castille y Leon and Asturias.

We are amazed by the variety of landscapes and cultures that the Camino de Santiago offers, and we love introduce visitors to this! We offer single-day guided tours on the Camino as well as multiple-day packages. Whether you want to walk or cycle, use luggage transportation, or want us to customize your own Camino, we are here for you! Below, you find some examples of the tours and trips that we offer. You can always contact us for a personalized proposal!

, 6 Days

Are you familiar with the Camino de Santiago, but would you rather cycle than walk? This e-bike trip offers you...

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History and Heritage

Our history and heritage tours and trips take you back in time to Asturias’ unique past.

Asturias’ history started millions of years ago when dinosaurs roamed its coast. In the Paleolithic, our ancestors left incredible cave art, such as in World Heritage Site Tito Bustillo.

The Romans built bridges, aqueducts and public baths. The Reconquista started in Asturias with the famous Battle of Covadonga in 722. Here, Asturias’ first King Pelayo defeated the Arabs. During the subsequent reign of the Asturian dynasty (722-910), the pre-Romanesque style was born. You can still visit some pre-Romanesque buildings, for example San Julián de los Prados and Santa María del Naranco in Oviedo.

In the 19th and 20th century, thousands of Asturians emigrated to ‘Las Americas’. The people who returned (Indianos) built large mansions inspired by Latin- American architecture. You can still visit many of them today.

The Industrial Revolution, especially the development of coal and iron mines, and the resultant iron and steel industry still shapes the current Asturian identity and culture.

Our history and heritage tours and trips let you discover all these aspects of Asturias’ past. Select one of the tours and trips listed below, or let us make a customized design for you to dive intoAsturias‘ unique history!

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