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My name is Debora Losa- de Block. From childhood I have a great passion for nature. I have been active at the World Wildlife Fund from a young age, first as a youth member and later as a volunteer. It was therefore no surprise that I studied Forest and Nature Management (BSc) and then International Land and Water Management (MSc). During my studies I was involved in the protection of sea turtles in Greece. Also, I worked with IUCN on the conservation of mangrove forests in Indonesia. In May 2018 I completed my doctoral research (PhD) at Wageningen University. I studied projects that use nature to adapt to climate change.

During my research I met my Spanish husband Marcos Losa Torviso. He quickly took me to his birthplace Asturias in northern Spain. For me it was a great surprise to discover such a green piece of Spain, with a beautiful coast and high mountains at a very short distance from each other!In the following years, our desire grew to move to Asturias. After the birth of our daughter Esther, we took the step and embarked on the adventure. Together with our second daughter Rebecca we now enjoy discovering new places and routes throughout Asturias. Obviously, these experiences give us many ideas for tours and activities in Asturias!

intoAsturias in the media

  • September 9, 2023: Article in the local newspaper El Tapin about the Natural Treasure Hunt that we organized during the Fiestas in Soto de Llanera.
  • August 27, 2023: Article in the local newspaper El Tapin about my travel agency and the activities that we organize.
  • February 11, 2023: Interview at the Dutch radio program “Goedemorgen Hengelo” to share something about my love for Asturias and intoAsturias (minute 28:10-38:50).
  • July 24, 2021: Item on the Asturian TV (TPA- Televisi√≥n del Principado de Asturias) about the necessity for increasing international flights to stimulate international tourism to Asturias.
  • April 2021: Interview for the the Dutch ‘Vrouwenzaken Nieuwsbrief‘ for entrepreneurial women in Spain.
  • Autumn 2020: Interview in Dutch magazine about Spain “Por Favor” about our life in Asturias and our decision to start intoAsturias.

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