Sustainable Travel in Northern Spain

Responsible and Sustainable travel is one of intoAsturias’ core values.

In practice, this means that we aim to maximize the positive effects that tourism can have on individuals, local communities and wildlife in Northern Spain, while minimizing the negative social, environmental and economic impacts.

We recognize that the natural environment, local (rural) communities and cultures within which we operate are vital to the success of our business. Therefore, we drafted a Sustainability Policy. This policy addresses issues that we have already managed, what we are currently doing, and what we hope to achieve in the future. It defines practices at the core of our product development, operations, and external partner relationships, and it is a work in progress.

Sustainability Policy for Sustainable Travel

We commit to the following objectives:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and embed sustainable development principles into core business practices.
  • Use our position to drive sustainability within Northern-Spain.
  • Preserve our environment and continually improve our environmental performance.
  • Optimize our social impact to enhance local livelihoods, especially in rural areas.
  • Provide information, training and support to colleagues and external partners, to engage them towards sustainability.

In our office

  • We monitor, reduce and manage waste in a responsible way.
  • We measure our use of energy and water and look for ways to reduce them.
  • We purchase local products (KM 0) where we can and limit the use of small packaging, especially plastic.
  • We communicate on our achievements against our sustainable goals, internally and externally through reporting at least once a year.
  • We measure our achievements and monitor our progress using the Travelife Action Planning Tool.

On the ground

  • We prefer to work with locally owned businesses reflecting the local culture (hotels, lodges, Casas Rurales, Agrotourism accommodations, restaurants, local artists, local bakeries).
  • We give back to local communities by supporting eco-tourism initiatives.
  • We financially support environmental NGO’s, more concretely, SEO Birdlife.
  • We put our clients and guests at the forefront of our business and help them to make informed decisions when traveling.
  • We are in the process of becoming part of Soy Ecoturista, a network of accommodations and activities focused on ecotourism.

Our efforts towards Sustainable Travel in Northern Spain have led to obtaining the Travelife Partner Award. 

Travelife for Tour Operators and Travel Agents is a global leading training, management, and certification initiative for tourism companies committed to reaching sustainability.

You can read our full Sustainability Policy here: 

Last updated: April 26, 2024