About us

intoAsturias was founded in 2018 with the aim to introduce more people to the beautiful and varied nature in Asturias in the north of Spain. We do this by offering (multiple) day trips, thereby working together with local guides, nature organizations and sustainable overnight locations. This way we support local ecotourism initiatives. My name is […]

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Whats our clients has to say about us

Birding along the coast of Gijon

Asturias is relatively unknown among bird watchers. However, what makes Asturias particularly interesting is the large variety of bird species. This is due to the presence of different habitats (high mountains, agricultural areas, rivers, estuaries, coast) at a relatively short distance from each other. Few people know that the coast around Gijόn is one of […]

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Inside Muniellos: the forbidden forest

Today I take you to one of the most hidden and forbidden forests of Asturias, the Nature Reserve Muniellos. Only 20 visitors are allowed to enter per day, with a maximum of one visit per person per year. It is therefore a unique opportunity for me to join a tour led by the super enthusiastic manager […]

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A refreshing walk through Parque Natural de Redes

Today I take you on a trip through the ‘Parque Natural de Redes‘ in Asturias. Redes is a designated UNESCO biosphere reserve and a special protection area for birds under the European nature network Natura2000. Recently we watched a beautiful documentary about this area: 100 días de soledad, about a man who stays in the […]

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