Asturias is Spains’ best-kept secret. High mountains, wild rivers, an impressive coastline and pristine beaches. Unique pre-Romanesque architecture and ancient mines. Excellent local dishes, fresh seafood and locally brewed cider. All this you can find within a short distance of each other. Asturias is therefore the perfect destination for nature-lovers, active tourists and authenticity seekers. We offer tailor-made guided tours and handcrafted itineraries to make your holiday in Asturias an unforgettable experience!

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Do you want to visit Asturias but not sure how to get here? Don't you have time to research and plan your trip? Or don't you know where to start in general to prepare your holiday to Asturias? We help you plan an unforgettable stay in Asturias with our customized trip itineraries!

COVID-19 Protocol and Measures

Following recommendations from the ICTE (Institute of Touristic Quality in Spain), CEFAPIT (Spanish Confederation of Official Tourist Guides) and ANETA (National Association of Active Tourism Enterprises), we take the following COVID-19 measures for our specific tours:


Travel Stories

Ruta de las Xanas: Searching for Asturian water nymphs

June 23, midnight. San Juan night, with fiestas all over Asturias. But far away from the noisy cities and villages, there’s another sound. The sound of female voices. They sing …

“Stranger Things” in Asturias

Did you also enjoy the Netflix hit-series “Stranger Things”? Well, Hawkins, Indiana, is not the only place in the world where the “upside-down” presents itself. This is my third blog …

“Homeland” of Miners

Autumn in the high mountains. The humidity makes you numb to the bone. Moreover, the thick fog only enables you to look a few meters ahead. To make things worse, …

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