Caudal is one of the 8 comarcas or administrative regions of Asturias. It is divided into three municipalities. In Lena you can visit one of Asturias’ famous pre-Romanesque churches, Santa Christina de Lena. In winter, you can go skiing in the south at the ski-station Puerto de Pajares. The second municipality is Aller, where you can find Asturias’ second ski station, San Isidro. Together with the third municipality, Mieres, this region is famous for its mining industry. You can find the towers of coal mines and the buildings of (former) mining communities throughout the area.

We organize the following tours in Caudal:

History and Heritage

Our history and heritage tours and trips take you back in time to Asturias’ unique past.

Asturias’ history started millions of years ago when dinosaurs roamed its coast. In the Paleolithic, our ancestors left incredible cave art, such as in World Heritage Site Tito Bustillo.

The Romans built bridges, aqueducts and public baths. The Reconquista started in Asturias with the famous Battle of Covadonga in 722. Here, Asturias’ first King Pelayo defeated the Arabs. During the subsequent reign of the Asturian dynasty (722-910), the pre-Romanesque style was born. You can still visit some pre-Romanesque buildings, for example San Julián de los Prados and Santa María del Naranco in Oviedo.

In the 19th and 20th century, thousands of Asturians emigrated to ‘Las Americas’. The people who returned (Indianos) built large mansions inspired by Latin- American architecture. You can still visit many of them today.

The Industrial Revolution, especially the development of coal and iron mines, and the resultant iron and steel industry still shapes the current Asturian identity and culture.

Our history and heritage tours and trips let you discover all these aspects of Asturias’ past. Select one of the tours and trips listed below, or let us make a customized design for you to dive intoAsturias‘ unique history!

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Other Trips

These are other trips.

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