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Are you planning on visiting Asturias for a day, multiple days or a few weeks? And do you want to experience its rich culture and gastronomy? Or do you prefer to spend some days in its national parks? Asturias’ cities, beaches and mountains are relatively close to each other. Therefore, you can explore all these aspects during your stay. We design customized guidebooks in Asturias for you, ranging from day-trips to multiple-day tours or entire holidays!

Examples of our customized guidebooks:

All these trips can be combined and adapted according to your wishes. Of course, it is also possible to combine some customized guidebooks in Asturias with our customized guided tours.

We design the customized guidebooks in Asturias from €25,- per day.

Thus, tell us about your interests or which places you definitely want to visit and we design an unforgettable stay in Asturias for you!

The customized trips consist of a PDF with background information about, for example, the locations you’ll visit, information about public transportation options, parking tips, opening times, suggestions where to eat and other insiders information. We also provide suggestions and links about accommodations to stay overnight. Often, we have visited these accommodations ourselves. We further include some ‘optional choices’ of routes or interesting places to visit nearby.

Once we have been in touch with you about your specific wishes, we design the customized trip for you and send it to you as a PDF file within an agreed time period.

Example of part of a customized  trip to Lagos de Covadonga

For any questions related to our customized trips, please send a message to or via the contact form below.

Our customized trips are available from €25,- per day. You will receive a PDF with background information about:

  • The locations you’ll visit, including prices and opening times;
  • Public transportation options (if available);
  • Parking tips;
  • Suggestions where to eat;
  • Suggestions and links about accommodations to stay overnight;
  • Some ‘optional choices’ of routes or interesting places to visit nearby.

The price does not include:

  • We include links to reserve or book activities and/or accommodations. However, you will have to make the booking yourself. This gives you more freedom to select the type and price range of activities and accommodation that fits you best.
How do I receive a customized trip itinerary?

If you’re interested in receiving one or multiple day-trips, you can fill in the form below. After receiving your message, we will send you a questionnaire to get to know your wishes and interest. Based on your answers, we will send you a short proposal of the itinerary, price (starting at 25 euros per tour) and delivery date. Once you agree, you will receive a payment link. After we have received your payment, we will send you the PDF of your customized trip in Asturias.

How do I pay for the customized trip?

Once you agreed upon the itinerary, price and delivery date, you will receive the payment information. You can either pay by Paypal, Stripe or via a bank transfer.

Can intoAsturias book the accommodations for me?

When you choose a multiple-day tour package, we also include suggestions for accommodations, often including links to make the booking. However, you have to make the booking yourself. This gives you more freedom to select the type of accommodation and price range that fits you best.

I prefer to do a customized guided tour. Is that possible?

Yes it is! We also provide customized tours with a guide. Check our website for the possibilities.

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Customized guidebooks
  • Own transportation
  • 1 day- 3 weeks
  • English and Dutch
  • All year round