When They See Asturias

In these surreal times when the whole world is concerned about COVID-19, it helps me to structure my day with things to look forward too. Calls with loved ones. Observing how the spring unfolds in the nearby forest from my balcony. Clapping in unity with our neighbors at 8 o’clock to support health workers. And… ending the day with a Netflix series.

Almost every day, I also find myself going through pictures of the trips we made in Asturias the previous year. I find comfort in writing and sharing all that Asturias has to offer. Therefore, my next posts will be about what to do in Asturias when we are allowed to go freely outside again!

To give it a nice twist, I base the titles of all these posts on a Netflix series :). Sometimes the titles are used literally, sometimes they are creatively incorporated in the blog’s title. Here’s Take One: When They See Asturias…

When they see Asturias

Most people see Spain as a destination for great city trips or a warm beach holiday. And it is! However, they automatically assume that Asturias is hot, dry and busy as well. I have had multiple customers whose first question after they arrived was where to buy a sweater and trousers. They simply did not realize that Asturias is green for a reason!

For all these people, I’ll end this short post with some great pictures of Asturias. They are taken by an Asturias-based photographer with which we cooperate. The pictures show another Spain, that is certainly worth a visit when we’re allowed to travel again! Stay safe!

Asturias has several mountainous areas with peaks over 2000 meters. This means skiing in winter and a hiker’s paradise in summer!

Laguna de Sobia, Quiros (Insta: valen_photo)

Asturias’ 345 km long coastline has over 200 beaches. However, the rough coast also invites you to go for a hike and feel the sea breeze. Or even better: storm!

Playa de Mexota (Insta: valen_photo)

When walking through Asturias’ unspoiled countryside, there’s a surprise awaiting behind many corners…

Ermita de San Roque, Ballota (Insta:valen_photo)

Spain’s 1st National Park. 7 Biosphere Reserves. 7 Nature Reserves. 2 Protected Landscapes. And 39 Natural Monuments. This means 1/3 of Asturias’ territory has some sort of protection. Welcome to “El Paraiso Natural!

Muniellos (Insta: valen_photo)

Does the thought of visiting Asturias helps you through these isolated days as well? We’re happy to give you tips or help you to plan your trip! Feel free to contact us to share your thoughts or for more information.

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